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  • Cat Scratch Pad 2PK Non Scratch Pads Couch Corner Kitty Scratching Bed Post Tree Ramp Cardboard Replacement, Sisal Thin…


    😸【100% PREMIUM SISAL MATERIAL & 2 PACK THIN CAT SCRATCHING MATS】You will get 2 thin cat scratch pads at one time, each of the sizes is 15.9X11.4X0.2 inches(LXWXH), when rolled up, the diameter is approximately 4.7 inches. All of our cat scratching post tree mats are made of high-quality, no smell sisal. No additions, friendly to your pet, the first choice for cat supplies. This product is thin and can be installed in every corner of the house. We also have thicker ones to choose from!
    😸【FURNITURE PROTECTION & CAT PAWS PROTECTOR】Bye-bye cat scratch! cats are curious, grinding claws are their instincts. They need to grind their paws every day to ensure the state of claws. Furniture without any protection can easily be scratched by cats and become unsightly. At the same time, the hardwood or metal of the furniture will hurt the cat’s paws. Please choose our cat scratching bed for cats, not only helps protect your furniture, but it also helps maintain healthy paws for your cat.
    😸【UNFOLD ON SOFA & ROLL UP FOR DESK LEG & EASY INSTALL】Comes with a box of twist nails, which are made of high-quality stainless steel and plastic. It is very easy to rotate and screw into the sofa to fix the cushion. The nails can greatly enhance friction and make fixing easier! The cat scratch tower has strong velcro at both ends, which can be attached when rolled up, allowing the pad to be easily fixed on the chair or table leg. Easy installation, suitable for all corners of the home!

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  • Cat Scratching Mat, Anti-Slip Sisal Cat Scratcher Pad, No More Torn Cardborad Scratch Play/sleep/cat Litter/door Mats…


    😸【LARGE SIZE & 100 % THICKEN GOOD SISAL FABRIC】This mat made with good sisal dried, purely without adding, no peculiar smell, and will not have a bad effect on the cat. Adopting thickening edge sealing technology, the mat is not easy to disperse, and it is very firm. 15.75*23.62 inch, 1.21 lbs, enlarged size, suitable for cats of various body types, with unique texture design, more fun and joy for your lovely cats. Environmentally Friendly, so once you throw it out, it will degrade on its own.
    😸【BETTER THAN PAPER MAT & SUPER DURABLE】Sisal material is superior to paper. 1. Sisal is super scratch-resistant! It won’t break after a long time. The same two-week-old cat scratching board, the corrugated has broken into shape, but the sisal is similar to the new one. 2. Clean & tidy. The cat will drop a lot of paper scraps after scratching the paper. You need to clean every day. 3. High cost performance. The price is slightly higher, but a sisal can often be worth 2 to 3 corrugated paper.
    😸【UNLEASH THE NATURE OF CATS & PROTECT FURNITURE】Cats love it, grinding claws are cats’ Instincts. Cats grind their claws every day to maintain the state of claws, not because too long claws bend and deform, affecting the daily walking. When the cat has a place where it likes to grind its claws, it will not hurt your furniture, your sofa and bed will be spared. At the same time, this is also a funny toy for cats, they can scratch their paws on the mat for a day!

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