Basic Feline cat health tips

Feline cat health tips

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Basic Feline cat health tips

Basic Feline cat health tips

In this article I will explain some feline cat health tips that will help you keep your cat healthy and long living.

Our cats have lived with us for many years. Over the years they have learned our habits and have become comfortable in those habits. We do not spend as much time as we used to on the health of our cats.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your cat’s health and longevity.

Most cats will enjoy eating canned cat food, but if you have several dry food varieties, you should rotate the cans to allow your cat to choose from their favorite one.

Many veterinarians do not recommend feeding dry food to cats in order to reduce the risk of kidney stones and other renal problems.

If you like to feed your kitty dry food, make sure you read the ingredients label to check for the preservatives and coloring. Some brands contain small amounts of filler such as wheat, corn and soy, which can cause health issues.

  • Make sure your cat has a litter box every day and make sure it is well cleaned.

Cats can carry bacteria, odor and pathogens around their ears. So, it is important that their litter box is always fresh and clean. If your cat has a problem with eliminating where outside, try using a clumping cat litter box.

These types hold bits of feces and turn them into tiny particles that can dissolve in the litter box every day. This will reduce the risk of cats developing health issues.

  • Grooming your cat regularly is important.

You should comb your cat once each week and then brush your cat every other day. You should also bathe your kitty at least once a week.

Excessive bathing may dry out your kitty and increase the risk of skin and hair problems. A daily dose of flea and tick prevention can also be very beneficial to keep your feline in good health.

  • Cats can develop feline bladder stones if they do not have a clean litter box.

Also, excessive grooming may cause friction sores in your kitty’s skin. If you notice any of these feline health issues in your pet, it is important to address the problem right away. If left untreated, the feline may even start shedding its hair!

Health concerns are common in cats. However, keeping your feline fit and healthy will keep your kitty feeling great. In addition to keeping your pet fit, remember these feline health tips. Remember to give your kitty plenty of clean water, plenty of food and lots of exercise and your cat will be happy and healthy for a long time.

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