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Cat Toys

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  • Interactive Cat Catnip Toy for Indoor Cats, Windmill Catnip Toy...


    [Multiple Cats Can Play Together]-This Toy Is Made Of Environmentally Friendly And Healthy Abs And Tpr. It Will Not Be Damaged By The Cat. It Can Be Used For A Long Time. Using This Toy For A Long Time Can Improve The Cat’S Iq And Relieve The Cat.
    [Multiple Attracting Cats’ Interest]-The Transparent Shell On The Top Of The Toy Can Be Placed With A Catnip Ball, And The Scent That Attracts Cats Can Be Emitted Through The Hollow Of The Shell.Funny Cat Stick Is Made Of 2 Springs.
    [Large Suction Cup Design At The Bottom]-The Bottom Of The Toy Is Equipped With A Suction Cup With A Large Adsorption Force, Which Can Be Adsorbed On Any Surface Such As Wooden Floors, Rough Ground, Doors And Windows, Etc. The Toy Can Be Used Horizontally Or Vertically. The Cat Can Be In A Variety Of Environments Play With This Product.

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  • Interactive Cat Toys Floppy Moving Fish with Catnip Realistic...


    😻Interactive Cat Toys: Built-in vibration sensor, when your cat flap the floppy fish toy, it will automatically moving and making a sound in wagging way, which will attract your cat to play and kick. If not touched in a while, the floppy fish cat toy will shuts off and standby until it be touched again.
    😻Realistic Moving Fish with Catnip: This vivid moving fish toy looks like a real fish, attract cat’s attention. Come with 2 packs catnip, which can make your cat excited, help to full exercise and release, relieve boredom and loneliness when you are not at home.
    😻Electric Wagging Fish Toy: With 2 USB charging cable, one is for clownfish, another is for carp. Convenient to charge and save power, it can automatically shut off if long time no touch, it’s the best gift for your cat.

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  • k-berho Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Irregularly Move...


    【MORE FUN FOR YOUR CAT】A great interactive electric cat toy could make your cats active, avoid those common problems happen to lots of cats, such as, cats get bored without toys, get lazy, lack exercise and get obesity, they may be in a bad mood without toys, damage your furniture just for fun. Professional design with tough tires are suitable for all common floors, including carpets. All you need to do is get a fun toy for it, and it will become healthier and happier.
    【SAFE TO USE】The cat toy is made of environmentally friendly ABS and TPE materials, safe and non-toxic, smooth appearance, no hurt, Built in soft changeable LED lights, attracting cat’s attention but no harm to their eyes. There is a protective case for the USB charging port, prevent getting wet or bitten from pets. We care your pets health and fun by heart.
    【AUTOMATIC INDUCTION】Our cat toy ball was built-in sensor, it can move automatically and irregularly, such as, move in irregular “S” shape, semicircular shape(automatic steer to right or left), spin in 360° angle, and linear to catch the attention of your pets, which could makes your pets move and exercise, it can also automatically change direction it meets obstacles such as walls, chairs, doors, etc. More intelligence and more fun!

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  • KAILUNHOME Balance Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Catnip Toys for...


    🐱Catnip ball:There is a catnip ball inside the toy.The catnip smell is cat’s favorite smell.(1)it can attract the cat’s attention well, increase the cat’s interest in the game, make the cat happier, and eliminate the fur ball swallowed by the cat.
    🐱Ball and feather: There are one ball and one feather in the package,you can change easily according to your cat’s interest. Some cats like feather more than ball, some cats like ball more than feather.
    🐱No need battery:It can swing automatically around 5 times each tough.The swing will attract the cat’s attention.

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  • Kitty Kick Stix 11″ Catnip Kicker Toys – Set of 2...


    The ORIGINAL Kitty Kick Stix Catnip Kickers
    MEDIUM SIZE – Includes (2) – 11″ x 2.5″ HANDMADE Cat Toys
    Made to order – DOUBLE STITCHED – Freshest CATNIP used

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  • Kitty Kick Stix 15″ Original Catnip Kicker Toy (Set of...


    The ORIGINAL Catnip Kicker Toy founded in 2012.
    100% Handmade and shipped in the USA. Choose fabric or select Mystery for a random choice.
    Stuffed with the FRESHEST 100% Organic Catnip & Bells

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  • L SERVER Cat Toys,Wooden Spinning Top Cat Toys for Indoor Cats,Interactive...


    【Interactive Cat Toy Package Contain】 – Cat toys box comes with 1 wooden spinning top kitten toys,3 plush mice toys,1 sounding Mouse,unique groove design can be put in catnip.
    【High-quality logs】 – This interactive cat toy is made of High-quality logs that stands up to crazy cat scratch and bite.It will also be a good decoration in free time.
    【Unique Design】 – The rotatable design makes the cat start to rotate while pushing the plush mouse, which inspires the cat’s curiosity and becomes more fun, this will increase their sensitivity and will not cause persecution on the furniture at home.Groove design can be put in catnip.

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  • Legendog Cat Catnip Toys, 5Pcs Pillows Cat Toys with Catnip,...


    【Natural Catnip】- This catnip toys is a safe and non-toxic organic catnip with the maximum potency. The catnip in every toy is the latest, and the duration of catnip is also very long and cannot be refillable.
    【Perfect Shape and Size】- This cat toys with catnip are designed in small and lovely, which is convenient for cats to bite and scratch, and can also be used as a cat pillow. The outer material is soft and resistant to biting and not hurting the teeth, and it is easy to carry, and can be washed. The inside is filled with wool and catnip, which is not easy to deform and reduces the wear on the cats gums.
    【Play and Cuddle】- Encourage the cats natural instincts to stalk, hunt, pounce, hit and kick, and stimulate the cats ability to respond. It can also be used as a pillow to rest and relax, or even fall asleep, which makes them perfect cuddle buddies.

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  • Lenink Laser Cat Toy, Cat Laser Toy Automatic Interactive Cat...


    PRODUCT SAFETY: Our Laser Cat Toy uses IIIA laser, the maximum output power is 5MW, so the product is safe to use, which can let your pet cat rest assured to play.
    AUTOMATIC TIMER: The Cat Laser Toy automatically turns off and go to sleep for 1.5 hours after working for 15 minutes which avoid excessive stimulation and provide your cat a rest time. There are 5 circling ranges can be adjusted at the top of the toy.
    TWO OPERATING MODES: Automatic & Manual. There are two automatic mode. Pressing the power button once is slow mode. Pressing twice is fast mode. Press three times to fix the laser point. You can interact with your cat manually.

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  • LMUGOOS Cat Toys for Indoor Cats,Cat Balls with 2 Types of Realistic...


    MATERIAL SAFETY: Cat toys for indoor cats interactive are made of EVA, light weight, odorless, free of harmful metals, waterproof, low temperature resistant, biodegradable, and more environmentally friendly. The wool ball is made of 100% pure New Zealand wool, so cats can chew at ease.
    SMART TOUCH INDUCTION SOUND: When the cat uses its paw to flick the cat toy ball, the sensor inside the ball will make a call (a kind of bird, frog, and cricket). This device can continue to make sounds nearly 1,200 times, which is enough for cats to play for a long time.
    REFILLABLE CATNIP TOYS: Open the back cover of the catnip ball, put the catnip into the lid, and then close the lid. The addition of catnip cats will play even more crazily. Of course, you don’t need to add catnip. Cats also like to play with it.

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  • LOYY Cat Electric Flopping Fish Realistic Fish Moving Cat Vivid...


    【 Reassuring Interact 】 The built-in touch sensor enables the cat fish toy flopping to automatically swing its tail when when your cat touches the cat fish toy with catnip. There is no music, our realistic flopping fish which keeps the cat’s spirit active, attracts cats and avoids loudly music to frighting cat.
    【 With 3 Catnip 】 Our plush interactive cat toys with 3 catnip, which is 100 % safe & non-toxic. Did you know that more than 70% cats can be affected by catnip? Can relieve the frustration and stress of kittens.
    【 Safe & Durable 】 This kitty toy filled with PP cotton plush material and organically grown catnip, our vivid moving fish toy is soft and comfortable, non-hurting pets, the 3D printing, realistic and vivid.

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  • MAYYYYb.7 Windmill Cat Treat Dispenser Toy, Suction Cup Cat Treat...


    ❤️【Funny Windmills】- Original wheel shape design, the cats in play, you can use a light force to make the toy 360 ° vertical rotation, increasing the fun of the toy arouses the interest of the pet.
    ❤️【Suction Cup Design】- By using the suction cup, this Windmill Leaking Food Toy can be stuck on any flat smooth surface like floor, tubs, glass, doors and windows to play.
    ❤️【Leaky food design】When the main body turns, snacks will fall from the leakage hole to attract the pet’s interest in playing. It can also control the eating speed of pets.

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  • MeoHui 30PCS 5.5” Rattle Cat Toys Mice, Cat Mice Toy with Rattle...


    1. Cat Toys Value Pack: 30PCS cat toy mice, great for homes with multiple cats! 5.5 Inches from the nose tip to the tail tip, perfect size for cats to play, fetch, scratch, chew and carry around. 6 bright colors mixed, easy to find it under furniture or in cat’s occupied hiding places.
    2. Catnip and Rattle mice: MeoHui Cat toys mice have rattle sound and prefilled with premium catnip. Catnip under the fabric skin, sands in the body to make it rattle. Our furry mice combines the two things cats love most: Rattle mice and Catnip, to maximize the needs of most cats. Also, we add 2 Bags additional catnip powder to keep the catnip scent fresh.
    3. Safety and Durable: With fabric skin and inner plastic body, It’s durable enough even cats chew or bite the mice. The fabric skin is colorfast and the mice nose, eyes, ears are made of felt, which is safe to cats.

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  • Meowtopia Cat Scratcher – Unique Ramp & Lounge for...


    🐈 A HEALTHIER & HAPPIER CAT – Let your feline family members unwind and sharpening their claws. This cat scratcher toy unleashes your cat’s playful side for a healthier well-being.
    🐈 A COMFORTABLE SANCTUARY – Give your furry friends their designated space for recreation. This cat scratcher ramp has a hole in the center where your smaller cats and kittens can take shelter.
    🐈 RESCUE YOUR FURNITURE – Some cats have a habit of scratching your furniture until it’s worn out. Divert their attention with a cat scratcher designed to withstand their frequent scratching.

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  • Montessori&USA 6 Pcs Cat Toys with Catnip, Sushi Cat Toy,...


    🐱Interesting Kitty Toys: These cat toys with catnip are designed in interesting and lovely, which is convenient for cats to bite and scratch, and can also be used as a cat pillow. 6 different designs of tuna, salmon, shrimp, egg and cucumber are included for your kitty to taste
    🐱Safe and High-Quality Material: These cat rolls chew toys soft and natural catnip, and no other material, safe for your kitten
    🐱Interactive Cat Toy: Most cats can get excited and happy at the smell of catnips, this is definitely a good idea to cause your cat’s energetic activities, It can also enhance the relationship between you and your cats

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  • NIBLU Cat Toys for Indoor Cat Interactive Toy with Catnip Stuffed...


    🐳Meow~ Cute Marine Life Shape – Would you want to try introducing some marine friends to your cat? Oh! Your cat will crazy about this catnip toy set! These sea elves are cute and can help your new furry friend adapt to the environment faster; Or keep your energetic cat’s energy levels balanced and keep them busy all the time; Buy it right now!
    🐬Added into Catnip – This felt cat toys set is filled with the right amount of organic catnip, healthy and safe for your cats, This catnip toy is a good choice for cats solitary play, keep them busy for a long time; A great stress relief toy for cats to keep them healthy and active. And it is a safe indoor prey, fueling your cat’s desire to stalk and chase; Your cat will play, scratch and chew on these fun toys
    🦑High Quality Felt – NIBLU’s designers always try their best to ensure the healthy of pets. All materials are safe and non-toxic, durable enough to avoid the risk of suffocation; Colorful pattern design will attract your cat to play; High quality catnip & durable material will let your kitty love them!

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  • Nivtt 2 Pack Flopping Fish Cat Toys Catnip Toys for Indoor Cats...


    【 Interactive cat toys】When your cat touches the flopping fish cat toy,it starts flopping that like a live fish.In addition, putting catnip in the fish belly piques the interest of cats. It’s also a good cat gifts for cat lovers.
    【USB-Chargeable and washable】You no longer have to worry about wasting batteries. This plush simulation electric wagging fish cat toy is USB rechargeable which saves you from the hassle and costs to replace batteries.
    【Soft and Comfortable Materials】 High quality interactive cat toys for cat is made of high quality PP cotton and short plush. The toy is soft and comfortable, fluffy, is not afraid of bruises, is easy to clean and does not hurt the cat’s paw. Suitable for your favorite cat to play, bite and chew. You can also let the cat fall asleep

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  • Nuanchu 2 Pieces Catnip Wall Ball Toys Rotatable Snack Edible...


    Reliable material: made of natural catnip and silvervine, these catnip toys edible balls are safe and reliable, can be applied with your confidence; Cat Catnip ball can play with your pet, which is a nice entertainment for cats, bringing your cats more funny play time
    Designed for cat: cat mint digest toy is designed for cats’ playing with, which is easy to attract the interest of cats, making them funny; Besides, it is also helpful to enhance the cat’s appetite, freshen breath, clear the hair in the cat’s stomach and regulate mood
    Special 4-1 design: each kitten catnip ball contains 3 different flavors ball snacks and a pet candy; Reasonable combination and various flavors are enough for your cat to use; At the same time, when the cat licks it, each snack ball can be rotated up and down

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  • Nuanchu 3 Pieces Catnip Balls and 4-in-1 Edible Licking Balls...


    Catnip wall ball toys: the package contains 3 pieces cat catnip balls and 4-in-1 licking balls in different tastes, the nice combination of catnip and ball makes cats cannot stop loving it; The rotatable cat catnip balls are helpful for removing cat’s hairball, recuperating intestines and stomach, and easing the unhappy mood, etc.
    Reliable material: made of various nutrition ingredients like silvervine, gall nut, catnip and cat sugar, the catnip edible balls contains a variety of trace elements, which is reliable and safe for cats to chew and bite, helping your cats get a balanced nutrients
    Considerate design: each edible cat catnip ball is not fixed, it can be rotated up and down, which is convenient for cats to play and lick, the considerate self-adhesive design allows your cats to play anywhere; And there is a transparent cover for keeping out dust, when not in use, you can put the cover on to keep the catnip ball clean

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  • Ontel Flippity Fish Cat Toy, Flops and Wiggles Like a Real Fish,...


    Cat Toy: Flippity Fish is the amazingly realistic cat toy that flips, flops and wiggles just like a real fish! The built-in motion sensor activates when your pet is nearby or touches the toy
    Promote Exercise: Keep your cat entertained for hours with this durable and non-toxic cat toy. The realistic movement helps promote exercise and fun interactive play, reducing stress and bad behavior
    Hours of Fun: Keep your kitty entertained for hours with a design and pattern that resembles a real fish! Features machine washable cover and refillable cat nip pouch. USB rechargeable

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  • OTIME 2 Pack Electric Fish Cat Toy Realistic Plush Simulation...


    【Automatic Moving Fish Cat Toy】Built-in touch sensor, when you turn on the switch and touches , the toy will automatically swing to attract your cat to play. When not touching for a while, the toy will automatically stop. Touch again and swing again. Smarter settings make the dog no alone when you away.
    【Catnip Toys】The fish cat toy filled with catnip.It haves a strong fragrance that makes your cat excited and relieve your kitty’s depression and stress.A good choice for your pet.
    【USB Chargeable】This fish toy is USB chargeable which saves you from the hassle and costs to replace batteries. The infused motor is detachable for convenient cleaning of the plush toy.

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  • PAKESI Cat Toy Ball Swing Ball 2 Pack Interactive Chirping Balls...


    Cat toy ball specifications: single weight: 34g, size: 2.2”, material: wool.
    Simulate the real sounds of animals: Two different sounds, frogs, crickets; smart touch sounds, about 10,000 sounds. (Reminder: When there is no sound, please slam the bottom plate vigorously to solve the problem of no sound. If the problem is not solved, contact us and we can help you solve the problem.)
    Catnip can be added: Open the lid, you can add catnip to the ball, which can attract the cat’s attention.

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  • PAKESI Cat Toys, 3 Kinds of Animal Simulating Calls, Interactive...


    Funny cat ball specifications: single weight: 12g, size: 50mm, material: EVA.
    Simulate the real sounds of animals: three different sounds, frogs, crickets, and birds; smart touch sounds, about 10,000 sounds. (Reminder: When there is no sound, please slam the bottom plate vigorously to solve the problem of no sound. If the problem is not solved, contact us and we can help you solve the problem.)
    Catnip can be added: Open the lid, you can add catnip to the ball, which can attract the cat’s attention. (Does not include Catnip)

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  • Parguini Flopping Fish Cat Toy, Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy,...


    🐟【Electric Fish Cat Toy】A floppy fish cat toy with a built-in touch sensor. The cat fish toy will automatically move and swing when touched by cats, with a sound to attract their attention. The fish stays still when your kittens do not touch It. Cat fish toy will make lazy cats more active and energetic cats crazy.
    🐟【USB Chargeable】USB Cable Is Included In The Package. It’s easy to charge the fish cat toy, just open the zipper and plug in the USB cable. The Infused Chargeable Motor is Detachable for Convenient Cleaning of the Plush Catnip Toys.
    🐟【Added into Catnip】Filled with 100% organically-grown catnip, healthy and safe for your cats, this toy can let your cats get excited and happy when play with it. Moreover, catnip can promote intestinal peristalsis to improve digestion and keep pets healthy.

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  • Pawaboo Cat Toys, Cat Tunnel Tube 4 Way Tunnels Extensible Collapsible...


    😺 【BELL & BALL 】:Peep hole and hanging ball bell toys in the middle make sound to arouse curiosity, keeping your cat entertained for long hours.
    😺 【HIDE & SEEK 】:Your pet can play peekaboo, bouncing and chasing that maintain joy, privacy and exercise activities.
    😺 【 DURABLE & FLEXIBLE 】:Strong spring-steel frame and tear-resistant 190T polyester taffeta, no worries about scratching and deformation.

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  • Pawaboo Cat Toys, Cat Tunnel Tube 5 Way Tunnels Extensible Collapsible...


    😺 【BELL & BALL 】:Peep hole and hanging ball bell toys in the middle make sound to arouse curiosity, keeping your cat entertained for long hours.
    😺 【HIDE & SEEK 】:Your pet can play peekaboo, bouncing and chasing that maintain joy, privacy and exercise activities.
    😺 【 DURABLE & FLEXIBLE 】:Strong spring-steel frame and tear-resistant 190T polyester taffeta, no worries about scratching and deformation.

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  • PAWCHIE Catnip Toys for Indoor Cats, 6 Pack Interactive Stuffed...


    【6 Pack Catnip Toys】 – The Package includes six Pcs cat toys with natural catnip, which is perfect for multiple cat family buying. You don’t have to worry your cats will argue with each other for one single cat toys. It is a great way to save your money.
    【Eyes-Catching Shape】 – Each toy is designed with different shape — pepper, cactus, avocado, fish, banana and carrot shape. They look very cute and attractive, suitable for cats to play.
    【Durable & Wearproof】- These Stuffed toys are made with high quality and durable material, which is non-toxic and resistant to chew. And these toys are well made, you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by your cat.

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  • PAWSOME PETS Interactive Cat Laser Toy – Less Mayhem, Happier...


    How Does This Benefit You, Human? Less Mayhem, More Purrs: This Pawsome Pets cat laser pointer provides a deliciously challenging source of Fun, Entertainment & Exercise, actively engaging my brain to blissful exhaustion so I do less of those ‘annoying things’ when you aren’t watching.
    No Beat Up Fingers – It’s Automatic, So You Can Laugh at Me, Hands Free: If you’re looking for an automatic cat toy that calms my temperament, strokes my curiosity and inspires a tiger like appetite, without putting your fingers at risk, you’ll love this cat interactive toy. Simply set it up, put it down and watch me wiggle, pounce and roar.
    360 Degree Rotation – 3 Speed Adjustable: Slow, fast, or random speeds combine with 360 degree rotation to keep my feline brain perked for hours. And unlike most cat toy laser pointer models, this comes in a sleek, blue-diamond shaped design – the ideal way to distract me from your tastiest, gnaw-on decor.

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  • PAWZ Road Cat Toys Collapsible Tunnel Dog Tube for Fat Cat,Rabbits,Dogs...


    Length: 51inch/130cm Diameters: 12″/ 30cm
    Bigger Than Bigger
    Strong &Solid Spring Structure-Sprung Steel Frame Pops out and Retracts Easily For Portable fun and easy Storage

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  • PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel Collapsible Cat Play Tube 10.5 Inches in...


    Great Choice for Adventure: this nice long cat tunnel comes in 46” in length and 10.5 ” tall that provide spacious room for adult cats and kittens to run through it from end to end. The unique S shape design brings additional level of agility
    A Wonderful Hiding Spot: Faux Fur material looks fabulous and more durable. It has 2 built in peep holes allow them to stick their head out and observe the outside that makes it an amazing place to hide and stalk from.
    Extra Bonus of Fun: The play tunnel equipped hanging ball at the entrance add more way to have fun that brings hours and hours exercise and self amusement as bating and swatting

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  • PAZ’S GIFT Cat Toys Catnip Toys Cat Kick Toy Natural Silvervine...


    Buy one get one free, you will get 2 cat toys, Then the pet has a safe, healthy and wonderful day, natural and wild, unprocessed — Polygonum civorum is 100%, organic and safe. No additives or preservatives, healthy and safe, same as your pet. Gingival protection, Polygonum polygonum rods are effective in eliminating dental plaque and calculus, eliminating bad breath and protecting oral health for you and your pet.
    the cat grinding stick, the material to nature to attract cats to play material, Lafite flowers and polyvine filling fruit gnawing fruit, hemp rope fixation makes the toy more bite resistant.
    Improve digestion. Catnip can promote intestinal peristalsis, improve digestion, make villi attached to the digestive tract, help cats spit out impurities such as hair in the digestive tract, and achieve gastrointestinal health. Peppermint balls can make your cat drink more water, thereby improving the health of his urinary system

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  • Peffiti Automatic Interactive Cat Toy,Electric Random Rotating...


    REALISTIC OWL DESIGN – interactive fun design, lively flashing LED eyes to attract your pets attention for CONTINUOUSLY playing.
    RANDOM LASER FOR HUNTING – flashing across floor and walls which appeals to natural hunting instinct of cats.
    BROAD AREA TO USE- Providing a velcro strap for tiding onto your wrist, attaching to cat scratching post or table leg. Handle on the toy for hanging on doorknobs or hooks. Using suction cup (NOT INCLUDED) to stick onto glass/window.

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  • Peffiti Interactive Cat Toys Laser,360 Degree Automatic Chasing...


    【GREAT MATERIAL, 2 in 1 AUTOMATIC CHASING TOY 】- our automatic cat toy is made of environmental ABS, food grade material, easy to use and play. Combining the Realistic butterfly and laser, TWO targets for chasing. Suitable for MORE Cats.
    【360 DEGREE RANDOM ROTATION LASER & FLYING BUTTERFLY】 – reduce boring and keep active. The toy can activate your cat’s preying instinct and add exercise for your cat to keep healthy.
    【FREELY ADJUSTABLE SPEED MODES & AUTOMATIC PLAY, 3 TIMER SETTINGS】 – to adjust it to be a perfect self-playing toy as well. You can adjust the different modes for different cats. Auto off after the time you set, the Cats could entertain themselves even when you are not at home.

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  • Penn-Plax Cat Life Laser Light Toy for Cats and Kittens Random...


    Adjustable Safety Laser Light spins at random speeds and angles for hours of entertainment for your pets.
    No cat can resist the urge to chase after this laser!
    Offers great entertainment for hours on end!

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  • Pet Craft Supply Magic Mewnicorn Multi Cat Tunnel Boredom Relief...


    5-IN-1 DESIGN: One large 4-foot tunnel and four connected smaller tunnels, are perfect for hide-and-seek and playing chase with other cats.
    KEEPS PETS ACTIVE: Provides interactive fun that helps encourage daily exercise and keeps your pet active.
    BONUS TOY: Dangling plush tail is perfect for batting and swatting, while the enticing crinkle encourages curiosity.

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  • Pet Craft Supply Wiggle Pickle and Shimmy Shark Flipper Flopper...


    AUTOMATIC MOVING CAT TOYS: Pet Craft Supply Wiggle Pickle Flipper Flopper Cat Toy flips, flops, wiggles, and makes noises. The built-in motion sensor activates every time your cat touches the toy, enticing your cat to kick and play.
    FUN DESIGN THAT ATTRACTS YOUR CAT: The bright colors and whimsical pickle design sure will easily catch your cat’s attention, keeping your cat entertained for hours.
    STIMULATING YOUR CAT’S HUNTING INSTINCT: The realistic movement of the toy helps promote exercise & fun interactive play, releasing boredom & stress, and redirecting bad behavior.

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  • Pet Soft Catnip Cat Toys – Catnip Toys for Indoor Cats, Stuffed...


    🙀Value 6 Pack Toys: 6pcs great for family with multi cats; 2.36*3.15” cute animal-printed small toys suitable for all breed cats;
    🙀Natural Organic Catnip: Filled with natural dry catnip, fueling kitten to chew, play, chase, cuddle; after using keep it in small single pack to keep fresh; long duration while un-refillable;
    🙀Safe & High Quality Material: Made of safe non-toxic material, friendly for your lovely fur-baby; well-tailored and durable cover is soft and resistant to biting, not hurting teeth while avoiding the risk of suffocation;

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  • PetDroid Boltz Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy Automatic,USB Rechargeable...


    [Motion Activated/Hand Free]:Built in advanced thermal object induction sensor,when catching pets/dogs/cats moving around,the laser toy would automatic activated and turn off after working 5 minutes
    [Hanging High 0~80 Inches]:The sensor working height is 0-80 inches,and best working height is 40~48 inches
    [Rechargeable Large Battery]:USB rechargeable large capacity battery is included,charging 3 hrs,working 3 hrs continuously

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  • Petmate Jackson Galaxy Ground Wand W/Catnip


    Features a telescoping wand that allows cat families to direct interactive play
    Wire resembles movement of creatures crawling
    Suitable for cats with ground pursuit interests

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  • Petmate Jackson Galaxy Hunting Instincts Kicker Cat Toy with...


    Plush Kicker Cat Toy: This toy for cats & kittens satisfies natural hunting instincts, & rebounds back to your cat after kicking. Two slits in the design make this cat toy great for longer & shorter cats.
    Cat Toy With Catnip: Kitties will love the soft bunny kicker toy made of durable materials and stuffed with organic catnip for endless amounts of fun during play.
    Pet Toys: Get ready for bonding & fun with your dogs & cats! Check out a variety of our pet toy products such as frisbees, perches & mirrors for birds, prey wand toys for cats, plush toys, light-up interactive toys & more.

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