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  • AlabongCat Catnip Toys Set – 3-Piece Set with Chicken Kitty...


    For Happy Cats: What can be a better way to keep your lovely cat happy than our set with catnip toys? These cat toys not only will entertain your cat for hours but can also help it relax and take a break from its “stressful life”.
    Super Fun Set: These kitten toys are everything you need to make your cat’s eyes grow with excitement and joy. The set includes a cute chicken cat toy and 2 cat teaser poles, that will make your beloved furry friend enter into an endless playtime mode.
    Top-Quality Materials: These amazing toys for cats are made with top-quality materials, that ensure great durability and resistance to your cat’s sharp claws. Also, our chicken cat toy contains catnip of the finest quality, to keep your pet happy and entertained.

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