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  • INNAPER 3 PCS Cat Toy Ball,Realistic Chirping Balls Cat Toys,Interactive...


    【The set includes】3 colorful toy balls. When the cat hits the toy ball, it will make a realistic sound of small (pink-bird, blue-frog, yellow-cricket). The sound intensity of the ball is less than 60dB, which is equivalent to normal interpersonal The intensity of communication will not affect work and life, nor will it scare the cat.
    【Continuous development]】In order to prevent cats from accidentally eating electronic accessories, the battery cannot be replaced. The toy has enough power. In order to save power, the ball is equipped with a disposable insulating board, which can be plugged in when not in use to stop the call. Once you start using it, each ball can make about 10,000 calls.
    【Can add catnip】 We will give you a small bag of catnip as a gift. You can open the lid of the ball, put a small portion of catnip in it, and close the lid. This can better stimulate the cat’s interest and vitality.

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