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  • LMUGOOS Cat Toys for Indoor Cats,Cat Balls with 2 Types of Realistic...


    MATERIAL SAFETY: Cat toys for indoor cats interactive are made of EVA, light weight, odorless, free of harmful metals, waterproof, low temperature resistant, biodegradable, and more environmentally friendly. The wool ball is made of 100% pure New Zealand wool, so cats can chew at ease.
    SMART TOUCH INDUCTION SOUND: When the cat uses its paw to flick the cat toy ball, the sensor inside the ball will make a call (a kind of bird, frog, and cricket). This device can continue to make sounds nearly 1,200 times, which is enough for cats to play for a long time.
    REFILLABLE CATNIP TOYS: Open the back cover of the catnip ball, put the catnip into the lid, and then close the lid. The addition of catnip cats will play even more crazily. Of course, you don’t need to add catnip. Cats also like to play with it.

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