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  • Dog Grooming Kit Clippers -Professional Pet Hair Clippers Rechargeable...


    🐾 5 Modes for Hair Grooming – Merece dog grooming shaver has 5 modes for different pet hair length. Spin the middle part to choose your ideal hair length before start shaving for your loving pets.No more uneven hairs.It’s helpful for beginners to trim your own pet.Give your pet a cute and clear style at home.
    🐾 Cordless Dog Grooming Clipper – Merece cordless dog grooming clipper is equipped with a 22mah battery.This pet grooming kit is included a USB cable.Charging for 5-6 hours,and check the battery bar on the screen,ensure it’s fully charged before use.Cordless dog grooming clipper is useful for beginners to shave their own pets.Because pets might try to move during shaving.Cordless dog grooming clipper is adjustable while your pet is a little unstable.So it will not accidentally cut too much.
    🐾 Ideal for Grooming Any Parts – Merece dog grooming kit comes with grade A blades, combs and scissors ,which is easier to trim face, paws and sanitary areas. These areas are delicate and covered with matted hairs.With proper shaving,your loving pet will get a fresh cute look for different seasons and weather.It will also avoid potential skin discomfort.

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