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  • HIYABOPO Reusable Cleaning Dish Washing Gloves cat Dog pet Grooming...


    🐾 WET AND DRY – Out of the ordinary is that this deshedding brush gloves isn’t only for grooming, it can be used when bathing your dogs, as well. So you’re like hitting two functionalities with just one product. These soft silicone pins on this dog shower gloves also help it to lather and produce rich bubbles on areas that are hard for you to reach without gloves, it has a comfortable and non-slip grip like your natural hand.
    🐾 THE SECRET OF MAKING PETS LIKE BATHING! – Other hard dog brushes can sometimes be intimidating to some pets, they don’t know what they are, and the bristles may scratch your dog’s skin if you choose an inappropriate brush. On the contrary, our dog grooming gloves are gentler and has long and soft pin-style silicone-tipped ends, it glides through the topcoat and easily removes and traps loose hair so it does not fill the house with fur.
    🐾 IT SERVES AS YOUR PROTECTION – When you’re grooming your pets, it is without a doubt, hard to keep them steady at times. There may be even some instances when they throw in a tantrum and would just bite to keep you away from them. Putting pet fur gloves may help shield you away from the possible harm that your pets may induce to you during your grooming session. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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