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  • Domipet 9 Pack Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape, Double Sided Anti...


    {9 PACK Double-sided Sticky Training Tape Sheets}: Cat sofa protectors tap is include:17.8L*12W×3, 16L*12W×3,17L*10W×3.With DOMIPET cat scratch tape deterrent, the cat discovers that if it scratches the furniture, it’s going to end up with sticky paws! Just Two-Step: Peel off and stick the pad.
    {Sticks Well & Adheres Smoothly}: Domipet anti-scratching furniture protector that not only shields your pieces from scratches but also remains unnoticeable once installed. Cats hate sticky surfaces.100% clear cat scratching furniture protector’s basically an extra tacky double-sided tape.
    {Non-toxic & Residue-free}: Domipet couch self-adhesive sheets are water-based and are easily removable. Couch protector transparent also flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture to stop cat claws from shredding couch. This way, you will be sure that your furniture will remain intact and that there won’t be any lasting damage caused by the adhesive.

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