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  • PetnPurr Handmade Cactus Cat Scratching Post for Large and Multiple...


    DESIGNED FOR LARGER CATS BY POPULAR DEMAND: Created after feedback from owners who are looking for a larger and even sturdier cat post for their over-sized, or overzealous cats to scratch, climb and play with. Allows all size cats from kitten to adults to stretch fully vertically. Stands up to the toughest feline tumble and fun.
    FINELY HAND-CRAFTED CAT TREE WITH CARPET-LIKE MATERIALS: Nearly 43 inches tall at its highest point, we’ve used quality sisal from top to bottom, so that this scratching toy can stand up to your cat’s most vigorous clawing and pawing – saving your home furnishings.
    SCULPTURED CACTUS DESIGN RESEMBLES A PLANT: Stands on its own or blends easily into most decorative schemes. A beautiful piece for your pet and your home.

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