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  • Aoche Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape Clear Furniture Protector Anti...


    ✔[UPGRADED ANTI SCRATCH FURNITURE PROTECTOR] After collecting a lot of customer reviews, we adopted larger cat scratching tape and increased its stickiness and added 63pcs spiral PINS so it can firmly fix the tape on the fabric sofa and won’t fall off easily. With stick tape, you won’t have to puncture and ruin leather, it won’t leave any pinholes. With Aoche cat training tape, your beloved furry friend will not scratch your new sofa, furniture, table legs, bed help your cat develop good habits.
    ✔[ PREVENT & PROTECT] The couch scratch protector can be stuck on any smooth furniture surface. The tape is unpleasant for your pet so the fluffy will not stay long enough to damage your furniture and will return to his designated scraper for more pleasant and acceptable scratching, play. So that you won’t see this little pet by the furniture anytime soon. With the SELF-ADHESIVE PADS, your furniture will be well protected.
    ✔[TRANSPARENT INVISIBLE & NON-TOXIC ] Our sticky paws tape for cats is 100% transparent and can be fully integrated into your interior decoration. These cat scratch repellent tapes are very sturdy and barely noticeable. it adopts a safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic medical-grade adhesive, it will not harm human and pet health, and it can be removed easily without any visible marks or residues, so it can provide 100% safety for your pet.* We recommend you test in some areas before using.

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  • BIASTNR Cat Anti-Scratch Sticker, Prevent Scratching | Clear...


    Save furniture training trouble: This anti-scratch cat training belt can help cats to train, so as not to use the cat’s natural hatred of sticky surfaces to scratch the sofa, and eventually develop the habit of not having to hold on to expensive furniture.
    Non-toxic and transparent: made of environmentally friendly materials and the best glue in the industry. Ensuring the safety of your pet is a top priority. The crystal-clear appearance of this tape blends with your home decor style.
    Precautions before use: When using the latest adhesive technology, the product may react differently to various types of surfaces. It is strongly recommended to paste a short strip on the entire surface to test small corners of the furniture to verify the furniture Responsive way furniture.

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  • Cat Furniture Protector Training Tape – 8 Large Cat Scratch...


    Prevents Scratching – Our large cat training tape sheets provide a clear, adhesive cat barrier wherever you need protection, resulting in sticky paws for cats who just won’t leave your furniture alone
    Safe And Effective – Each cat scratch furniture protector is made from durable materials that naturally and humanely deter your kitty’s misplaced scratching with no toxic substances or chemicals
    Extra Coverage – Unlike other sticky tape for cats, our cat scratch protector sheets offer wider coverage to immediately deter couch scratching and encourage your kitty to use a cat scratching post

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  • Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape,Cat Couch Protector, Large Double...


    [Safe & Protect]: GUMARRY Newest double-sided cat scratch pad is made from upgrade non-toxic transparent vinyl, which is harmless to cats and people. Use our repellent tapes, they are highly effective. The cats or dogs are STOP scratching through them immediately. Cats couch protector protects your furniture, sofa, bed, counter, doorway and many other such things. Cats hate sticky things, which will help your cat develop good habits and can protect your furniture and couch.
    [100% Clear & No residue]: Our Cat Scratching Deterrent Tape is 100% transparent, Blendable With Furniture well, Without damaging the original beauty of the furniture. New concept cat training tape is easy to Remove Without Mess or Damage because we use the new generation of adhesive materials. Suitable for leather furniture.(Suggest not keeping the tape on the leather too long time, change it on time)
    [Large Size & Fiexible]: Our cat furniture protector sheets with EXTRA-LARGE size 17.8 X 12 inch, provide your furniture with full protector. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned strips. But it is fiexible and pliable with any furniture shape, Easily Customizable, Curved Shapes, 90 Angles for all you needs. The scratches won’t be there once you teach your cat where not to scratch by using this Anti-Scratch Tape – stronger residue-free adhesive tape.

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  • Cat Scratch Furniture Protector, Cat Tape is Your Sofa, Carpet,...


    Upgraded cat sofa protection pad: Compared with traditional sofa protection pads, protection pads use tape compression technology, which can cover every corner and save costs
    Non-toxic and safe materials: Our scratch-resistant cat furniture protective cover is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly medical grade adhesive. It is non-toxic and safe to cats, dogs or other pets.
    Easy to use: Pull out the required length from the reel, then carefully cut the tape with scissors, then paste the tape on the surface of the furniture and press it firmly. Finally, tear off and peel off the outer surface of the white contact paper. When not needed, it can be quickly torn off without leaving any traces.

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  • Catikat XL Furniture Protectors from Cats 10 Pack – Safe...


    🐈 KEEP YOUR CAT FROM DESTROYING YOUR EXPENSIVE FURNITURE: Protect your brand new couch, leather armchair or fancy sofa from your furry friend with the Catikat cat scratch couch protector set, which is designed to prevent scratching and rubbing.
    🐈 STOP YOUR KITTEN FROM USING YOUR SOFA AS A SCRATCHING POST: Stop worrying about ugly scratches or marks that ruin your living room, bedroom or dining room decor. Our heavy-duty cat deterrent sheets will offer you that much-needed peace of mind
    🐈 INSTALL YOUR CAT SCRATCH GUARDS IN SECONDS LIKE A PRO: Unlike other couch protectors for cats, our cat scratching guards are not only double-sided and easy-to-apply, but also waterproof and heat-resistant. And removing them is super-easy too.

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  • ELK Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape Scratch Prevention Deterrent...


    SAVE FURNITURE: Helps train your cat to stay off furniture due to the sticky feeling of the adhesive. Kitty proof your sofas, beds, tables and other furnishings from scratches, claw marks and cat hair with this behavior correction repellent system.
    SAFE AND TOXIC FREE: Our antiscratch cat furniture protector shield guard is made of medical-grade adhesive which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It will not harm fabric and is 100% safe for humans and pets.
    QUALITY: Crystal clear and strong double-sided sticky adhesive strips blend perfectly with the color of your furniture. Completely safe for your pets and furniture.

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  • Furhaven Pet – Cat Litter Floor Mat Protector, Litter Box...


    PET FRIENDLY DESIGN: The crate end table features an enclosed rectangular crate housing that promotes security, privacy, and provides a cozy nestling space for dogs to lounge in; its transitional style also complements any home interior
    MULTIPURPOSE: Unlike all-metal enclosures, the crate end table can be used as an end, or side, table in living rooms and bedrooms, while still providing a secure, gated housing den for pets to stay in; great for crate training
    SAFE & SECURE: The crate end table is equipped with a lockable door latch with a magnetic catch to keep your pet safe and secure in their private dwelling

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  • HONIKOO Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape – 12-Pack Double Side Cat...


    Furniture Protection from Cat Scratching – This double side cat deterrent tape is made to protect your furiture by 12 PCS training sheet include 6 XL (16”L 12”W ),6 L( 17”L 10”W) sheets. The cat scratch tape/sheets are packaged flat & easily pliable on any corner of your couch, chair, doors, carpet, etc.
    Why This Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape Worked – Cat hate the stickiness of the cat scratch protector sheet – stopping scratching its tracks. It’s the easiest way to save your couch furniture whether you are in home, it’s safe and non – toxic for pet and kids
    100% Transparent and Unnoticeable – Our cat tape for furniture is 100% transparent and unnoticeable, not influence the appearance of your furniture. Choose this anti scratch furniture protector Tape to protect your couch even without noticing it

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  • Jxselect Anti Scratch Cat Training Tape,8 Pieces XL Large (11.8″...


    The cat deterrent tape helps to train your cats to stay off furniture as the sticky feeling of the adhesive cat anti scratch tape repels them,protect your sofas,bed,tables,counters,trash bins and other prized furnishings from scratches,claw marks and cat hair.
    Crystal clear strong double-sided sticky adhesive strips,blend perfectly with the color of your furniture,harmless to cats and furniture,perfect anti-scratch cat deterrent tape for your pet!
    Toxic free and safe: The cat furniture protector guard is made of medical-grade adhesive which is non-toxic,won’t harm fabric and 100% safe for pets.

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  • KatSupreme Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape – 8XL Furniture Protector,...


    ★ KatSupreme ★ Train your cat instantly! Cat furniture protector for a scratch-free life! Tired of finding new scratches on your beautiful furniture everyday? KatSupreme furniture protection from cat scratching will keep it intact by training your cat!As soon as our anti scratch furniture protector is applied, your furry friend will be discouraged to damage your furniture!
    ★ 100% Transparent & ultra-thin ★ You won’t even notice the presence of KatSupreme cat scratch deterrent on your furniture because it will completely blend with your interior decor! Our cat scratching tapes are like invisible shields, solving your problem in a discreet way! Moreover, our couch protectors from cat scratching are flexible enough to bend around your furniture so you can cover all corners of your couch offering a better protection. We do not recommend using it on faux or leather.
    ★ Large area coverage – cut and customize ★ KatSupreme is the best anti scratch furniture protector because the tapes can easily be cut, providing you a variety of sizes and shapes that suit your needs. The pre-cut tapes are flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture so you can cover all corners of your couch offering a better protection. KatSupreme cat tapes for furniture are packed in big aestethic sheets, easy to customize.

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  • KCHEX Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes, Kitty Grooming Bag, Pet Medical...


    【Safest protection】 The protective boots can wrap the cat’s claws, when seeing a doctor, shaving, checking, it could prevent the cat from scratching with claws.
    【Wide of Use】This product can be used to bathe, haircut, examine and treat cats.
    【Safe for Cats】Soft material, use magic stickers to adjust the appropriate size.

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  • KISSIN Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape,Double Sided Adhesion Cat Scratch...


    Love your cat, protection your furniture — You bought your furniture with hard-earned money,you should teach your cat not to scratch it; cats don’t like sticky paws, that is why they avoid touching anything sticky. Anti-scratch cat training tape will teach your cat not to scratch the furniture
    Efficient coverage – Your cat is very smart. If you cover an area, it will begin to scratch the area next to it.KISSIN cat scratch tape has the maximum size is (17″LX12″W),It covers 3-4 times more area Than other cat training tape,Can protect your furniture more effectively
    100% transparent and efficient adhesive – made with 0.1mm Polyester braze material (other products thickness is 0.019mm) 100% white transparent, protect your furniture without covering its beautiful color, This is the easiest way to protect your couch, leather, bed, table, counter, porch, screen porch, etc!

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  • NM cat Scratch Deterrent -cat Scratch Post-cat Furniture Protector...


    【PET DETERRENT TAPE】cat protectors for furniture Help train your cats and dogs away from your couch, chair, curtains, sofa, rugs, carpet, doors and walls because cats dislike the sticky feeling of the cat anti scratch deterrent tape on their paws.
    【NON-TOXIC & CLEAR】Made by environmental friendly material and the best glue this the industry.
    【ESAY INSTALLATION】Peel and adhere the product to where cat scratches, peel off the white backing paper.

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  • PAWMOSA Cat Scratcher, Vertical Cardboard Cats Scratching Post,...


    ⭐UPDATED DESIGN: Now more durable than ever with two integrating components. A versatile scratcher with extra large scratching surface that can also be enjoyed as a lounger and a cat bed
    PREMIUM QUALITY: high density cardboard with durable construction not only lasts longer but also minimizes cardboard chips and debris
    Natural catnip leaves included to attract your cats

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  • PURRRFECT PAWZ Cat Scratch Furniture Protector, Couch Protector...


    😻 CAT PARENTS CHOICE – Imagine a world where you can stop your cat from scratching the furniture! our cat couch protector for furniture will train your cat where it’s not allowed to scratch! We are cat parents and we successfully tested this cat furniture protector in our own home! Our anti scratch furniture protector is our first choice to keep cats from scratching the furniture.
    😻 EASY APPLICATION – CLEAN – PEEL – STICK – SECURE – Install our furniture protectors from cats within seconds and enjoy a cat scratch deterrent that blends seamlessly with your couch!
    😻 BYE-BYE CAT SCRATCH – Cats are curious by nature and this method of furniture protection from cat scratching will prevent cats from scratching the furniture! Our corner protectors for furniture are the easiest way to say no to your cat in the kindest way.

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  • Zodaca Cat Anti Scratch Tape, Pet Deterrent Furniture Protector...


    Cat Scratch Tape Deterrent: Protect surfaces in your home from your cat or kitten’s scratching habit with this clear anti scratch tape that’s easy to apply and remove without leaving residue or damage
    Clear Anti Scratch Furniture Tape: Our clear anti scratch cat tape is ideal for placing along couch and chair arm rests or the back of exposed furniture; this clear tape has a subtle look that will go with any rug or furniture piece in your home
    Perfect For: This pack of clear cat scratch tape rolls for furniture is perfect for long time cat parents and new pet owners alike, the anti cat scratch tape is great for house training

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